Hi there!

I am Charlotte, the foodie and nature lover behind GATŌ & Co ;-)

I come from Provence in the South of France, where my family has always enjoyed healthy, whole and delicious food, as part of the Mediterranean tradition. I inherited somehow this love for a natural, less processed food, based on fruits, vegetables and nutrient-rich ingredients.

As a baking amateur with a massive sweet tooth, I believed it was high time one brought some holistically healthier, more natural and sustainable desserts to the supermarket shelves: Why should the healthy food revolution stop after the main course? Why giving up dessert? When I realized that introducing a greater variety - aka less gluten, dairy and refined sugar and more gorgeous, nutrient-rich substitutes - into my diet made me feel incredible, I decided that sharing this would be what I wanted to do ;-)

I was living in Brazil then, and I started experimenting recipes with splendidly nutritious, locally-grown ingredients, and eventually quit everything to come back to Europe, I studied pastry at Le Cordon Bleu School in London, and finally developed my own recipes: GATŌ & Co was born!