About us:

Hi there : )

We are Charlotte and Kim; the founders (and dessert lovers) behind GATŌ & Co!

Charlotte was born in Provence in the South of France and has always been passionate about simple, healthy and natural food. From the name to the recipes, GATŌ is inspired by her French roots. Charlotte believed it was high time to bring something holistically healthier that ticked all the boxes and was still absolutely scrumptious to the supermarket shelves. She quit her job, studied patisserie for an intense 6 months at Le Cordon Bleu School, and developed her own recipes and voilà! GATŌ & Co was born.

While growing up in Scotland, Kim’s mum taught her how to cook and the importance of eating whole ingredients over processed foods. To this day, she’s always made the effort to cook her meals from scratch (and makes a mean chicken curry ;) ). However, it’s not so easy to find the time, especially when it comes to desserts! When Charlotte told her about GATŌ, she loved the idea so much that she invested in GATŌ and joined her a year later.  

Kim loves the fact that she has found the perfect excuse to satisfy her sweet tooth – there’s no need to think twice when she fancies something chocolatey as there’s absolutely no nasties and each pud is roughly half the calories and sugar of other desserts. While Charlotte loves the fact she’s finally found a free from pud that won’t sap her energy levels, mess with her stomach and actually tastes amazing. Together they perfectly embody the vision of GATŌ; balance.

After a lot of hard work, laughter, fun and not a lot of sleep, GATŌ can be found in Wholefoods, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges and Ocado… but watch this space we’re not done yet ;).

Charlotte and Kim xxx