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It's Saturday morning and all you want is a breakfast among angels. We've got the perfect one for you.

Breathe, smile, tuck in - happy weekend! ;-)

Ingredients (for 1 person):
- Fruits: 3 kinds: We love pears, kiwis (full for vitamin C), bananas, berries, nectarines, etc. Pick up you fabs.
- Coconut yoghurt
- Paleo granola (we looove it, and it's only made of super yummy & healthy seeds & nuts) - or your usual granola
- The secret kicks: Raw cacao (better than cocoa) and grown lucuma, cinnamon, and ginger. Or just be creative guys!

- Cut the fruits into pieces
- Sprinkle your secret kicks on top
- Add coconut yoghurt
- Top it up with granola (be generous)

Now rest. Come back to bed. Enjoy. Come back to sleep. Now THAT's a Saturday morning how we like it.

Psss: For extra MMMMHH top it up with a spoon of crunchy almond butter :D