Oh hello! Charlotte here :)

I am SO excited to share my first EVER recipe on this blog! It is also a very very special recipe for me. It dates back from 2013, when I was living in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, I had realised that my body had grown utterly fed up with the insane amounts of gluten, dairy and refined sugar I was swallowing every day. And I had just started implementing what I now call the "belly holidays" and that would be the start of a new way of life: Skipping or reducing these bad boys during a few days of the week, so that my body had time to detoxify and rebalance itself.

That's the TRICK. Once relaxed and rested, my little belly proved to be much more accommodating when I fell for a mouth-watering CROISSANT on a Saturday morning (all my French taste buds are in alert). Of course, this doesn't work for people with allergies or strict intolerances, and in these cases, a total avoidance is absolutely necessary.

But guess what? Just as MOST people, I wasn't intolerant, I was just sensitive. But because I wasn't taking care of it, this sensitivity had grown into a terribly hurting burden for my body. Just give your belly a bit more variety! It has never been as easy to find gorgeous non-gluten, non-dairy and non-refined-sugar ingredients and products as today. It's the perfect alibi to discover or rediscover forgotten flavours, such as chestnut, coconut or buckwheat flours (my favourite ones!), or cook or bake with the glorious seasonal fruits or vegetables around you. Brazil was certainly the perfect place to start, and I began tucking in the luxurious fruits and superfoods around, and avidly adapting my old recipes and discovering new ones. I would treat my colleagues every Monday morning with my weekend experimentations (I called this 'ground research'), in which proved to be a very effective way of social bonding - and left a couple of years later with many friends :D.

This recipe is the first recipe I ever adapted, from a heavenly breakfast muffin I had in Trancoso, Bahia, in the legendary Pousada Capim Santo. It's sooo moist, light and subtly coconutty, that it feels like Brazil is voluptuously dancing Bossa Nova on your tongue.

So relax, play some Caetano Veloso, and dance your way to the kitchen. 




- 100 g coconut palm sugar
- 200 g (melted) virgin coconut oil
- 5 free-range eggs
- 80 g desiccated coconut (75 g + 5 g for frosting)
- 2 g sea salt
- 150 g flour: 1/3 brown rice flour, 1/3 plain rice flour, 1/3 potato starch (feel free to use alternative starches here, and to use your own flour blend: coconut flour, buckwheat, etc)
- 5 g baking powder
- 5 g vanilla extract


- Pre-heat oven at 180C
- In a bowl or food processor, vigorously beat the cream and coconut sugar until frosty
- Add the egg yolks, desiccated coconut, salt, flours and baking powder, stirring in between
- Whip the egg whites to soft / medium peaks and incorporate them to the mixture
- Pour into muffins or cupcake tins (greased, if not in silicone. I prefer the cupcake format actually, it's the perfect bite size - NOM)
- Bake for 8-10 min until the point of a knife goes out almost clean (but not quite, that's the secret for a gooey middle!) from the centre.