Where can I buy GATŌ & Co's puddings?
We are stocked in SELFRIDGES,WHOLEFOODS, SAINSBURYS AND OCADO but watch this space....we're not done yet! ;) 

I'd love to stock GATŌ & Co, who do I get in touch with?
Great! Please contact and be ready for the HURRAYs shouts. We're like that at GATO.



How is GATŌ & Co Healthier?
Our puds are made without gluten, dairy or refined sugar. If you are familiar with "free-from" products, you might know that being free-from unfortunately doesn't necessarily make a product healthier. In fact, most free-from products make up for a better taste by using loads of sugars, unhealthy fats, or nutrient-deprived ingredients. Yeah, not great, and who wants empty calories today anyway, huh?

This is why we only use gorgeous, natural and nutritious ingredients and superfoods, to ensure that our puds not only taste great, but are also packed with energy and nutrients while limiting calories. All our puds are high in proteins, for example, and our Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant is a source of fibres. We use glorious sources of fat such as coconut oil or creamed coconut and absolutely no hydrogenated or trans fats, and we use ground almonds to replace flour and reduce the carbohydrate intake. Last but not least, we rely on the sugars naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables we use, and top up our recipes with honey for balanced sweetness. The result? Scrumptious-tasting puds, for less than 230 cal per pot (that's less than 4 dates!) and packed with goodness. Psss... our Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant is our record breaker, with a mesmerising 210 cal per pot!

What ingredients does GATŌ & Co use?
We use ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, and carefully selected for their amazing taste. All are natural (yay) and there are absolutely no nasties or E stuff. No need to have a phd in chemistry to read our ingredient list - just the way it should be, right? ;-).

How can GATŌ & Co contain less than 230 calories per pot (that's less than 4 dates)?
We replaced traditional baking ingredients by natural, nourishing ingredients one doesn't usually find in puddings, such as organic cacao (as opposed to cocoa!), ground almonds instead of flour, and coconut oil, creamed coconut, or even aubergine instead of butter. We also rely on the sugars naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables we use and just add a bit of honey to come up to the correct sweetness. No too much, not too little, just what is needed for a perfect taste.

Why doesn't GATŌ & Co use Stevia or Erythritol sweeteners like some new guilt-free ice cream or pudding brands?
GATŌ & Co is all about taste. If taste is not amazing, then who cares if the result is better for you? That's our philosophy. And no matter how much we tried baking with Stevia or Erythritol, the result always had an aftertaste. And whatever doesn't reach perfection is reproved at GATŌ & Co, so these met an unfortunate fate. We prefer using natural sweeteners tasting awesome like Coconut Sugar or Honey, and that give our puds the subtle and elegant sweetness that makes them unique and so scrumptious.

What size do GATŌ & Co's pots come in?
Our cute glass pots are 125 ml, filled almost to the top with our delicious puddings (that's a net weight of 55-60 grams). To us, it's just the perfect size for an indulgent sweet bite of pudding after a meal, or for a tasty snack. Not too big, not to small. It took us a long time to perfect the size of our pots. So we asked our friends, and the friends of our friends, and it turned out that we all wanted a nice, filling sweet touch to beautifully close a meal, not an enormous pudding that will sit in our stomachs for hours and make us terribly sleepy ZZZzzzzz. So we did tastings, and tastings again, and with everybody's consensus and happy bellies, we nailed down the perfect size :).


Where does the name GATŌ & Co come from?
GATŌ stands for 'Gâteau' (cake, in French), with a fun spelling twist. There is also another secret meaning linked to our founder Charlotte! But you will need to ask her in person ;-).


Our puddings are Gluten & Dairy Free
Our puddings are made in a gluten-free kitchen and we only use gluten-free ingredients. Although our kitchen handles dairy outside of our working hours, we do not use any dairy and we make sure we avoid any cross-contamination, and we regularly lab test our products to eliminate any risk.

Is GATŌ & Co Paleo friendly?
Our Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant and our Chocolate & Coconut Brownie are Paleo friendly as they don't use any cereal (we use ground almonds) or refined sugar.
Our Orange & Cardamom Polenta Sponge however uses polenta, or cornmeal, and is therefore not Paleo friendly.

Is GATŌ & Co vegan, or vegetarian?
We use eggs and honey, so our puds are not vegan. But psss, we are working on a delicious vegan new pud to be released soon!
Apart from eggs and honey, we do not use anything derived from animals, so our puds are vegetarian.