We hope you find the answer to your question here but if not, drop us a line: team@gatoandco.co.uk :-)


I'd love to stock GÂTO, who do I get in touch with?
Great! Please contact team@gatoandco.co.uk, we can't wait to hear from you :-)


NEW! The cookies are coming real soon on the Online Shop - watch this space! ;D

What size are the GÂTO dessserts?
Our puds come in a cute individual glass ramekin, and the portion size ranges from 75-85g, depending on the flavour. If you buy direct from our online shop, they will come in a pack of 3, 6 or 12 pots!

Can I arrange for my desserts to arrive on a specific day?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your order will be with you on a specific day.

When will my order be shipped?

We will despatch orders as quickly as possible but due to the nature of our product there can be up to 3 working day despatch time as we need time to bake & prepare your order so it’s a fresh as possible! If for any reason this may be longer, we will let you know

How long will my GÂTOs keep once I receive them?

Our desserts currently have a 7-10 day shelf life at chilled temperature, depending on the flavour. Each dessert will have a date stamp on the bottom showing the best before date.

What is the postage & packaging cost for?

Our puddings are sent fresh and should be kept chilled! This means we need to use special chilled packaging and to send them to you on a 24 hour / next day delivery service so they arrive with you in the best condition possible!

Can I freeze my GÂTOs?

Our desserts should be stored chilled and cannot be frozen.



What makes GÂTO different?

Our puds are made without gluten or dairy and contain HALF the sugar of other desserts! We focus on using simple, whole ingredients which are naturally nutritious, so no calorie is an empty one. We have made sure our puds are suitable for those with gluten and dairy intolerance but still super indulgent and delicious. We rely on the natural sweetness of high-quality ingredients which means our puds are 40-50 % lower in sugar than similar desserts (I know, right!).

Do I need to heat my GÂTO before eating?

All of our desserts should be stored chilled in the fridge. Our Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache can be eaten straight away, as best enjoyed chilled! Our Brownie, Sticky Toffee & Fondant should be heated up before you TUCK IN! :-) Remove the lid and place for just 8 min in a preheated oven at 180ºC (or for 35-40 secs in the microwave at full power) and they get all goooey. Heating times may vary slightly depending on the appliance.

What ingredients does GÂTO use?
We use ingredients that are free from gluten & dairy, and carefully selected for their amazing taste. There’s no magic -– for example we use ground almonds, oat milk & creamed coconut instead of flour, cream & butter! Our ingredients are natural, so absolutely no nasties or E stuff! No need to have a phd in chemistry to read our ingredient list - just the way it should be ;-).

Why doesn't GÂTO use Stevia or Erythritol sweeteners like some new guilt-free ice cream or pudding brands?
GÂTO is all about taste. If the taste is not amazing, then who cares if the result is better for you? That's our philosophy. No matter how much we tried baking with Stevia or Erythritol, the result always had an aftertaste. We prefer using natural sweeteners that taste awesome like dates, maple syrup and chicory, and that gives our puds the subtle and elegant sweetness that makes them unique and so scrumptious.


Where does the name GÂTO come from?
GÂTO comes from 'Gâteau' (cake, in French)! There is also another secret meaning linked to our founder Charlotte! But you will need to ask her in person ;-)


Is GÂTO vegan, or vegetarian?
Our Chocolate Ganache, Hot Brownie & Hot Sticky Toffee are all vegan, as is the GATO selection box WOOHOO! We do not use anything derived from animals in our Chocolate Fondant apart from free-range eggs and honey, so it is currently vegetarian. We are working hard to make our Fondant fully plant-based too so watch this space!

Our desserts are Gluten & Dairy Free
Our puds are made in a gluten-free kitchen and we only use gluten-free ingredients. Although our kitchen handles dairy outside of our working hours, we do not use any dairy and we make sure we avoid any cross-contamination, and we regularly lab test our products to eliminate any risk.