Hi there! After seeing those beautiful red cabbages form Wholefoods today we sought to include them in an easy, fresh summer meal for you :) 

This recipe is adapted from www.riverford.co.uk (we love you guys!); Serving 3-4 people, it only takes 10mins!


  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Juice from 1 small lemon
  • 1-2 tsp dijon mustard
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 large red cabbage
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1/2 large red onion
  • 2 tbsp parsley
  • seeds from 1 whole pomegranate
  • 1/2 cup Whole almonds
  1. Make the dressing by whisking together the lemon juice, honey, mustard and olive oil together in a large bowl
  2. Chop the almonds in smaller chunks, and grill lightly on a pan (no oil needed) until slightly crispy and golden
  3. Rince vegetables thoroughly
  4. Remove the cabbage's core and thick exterior leaves, and finely shred the leaves
  5. Peel the carrot; cut into very fine matchsticks 
  6. Peel, then chop the onion in very fine slices
  7. Finely chop the parsley
  8. Add all ingredients to the bowl (including 3/4 of the pomegranate seeds), and gently toss together. Season to taste, and sprinkle over the remaining pomegranate seeds to serve.

There we go, a super healthy and colourful meal, perfect for light lunches or dinner starters. 

If you have any suggestions for our next recipe, or comments send us a quick email :) we'd love to hear your feedback!