Last weekend was my grand parents' 60th wedding anniversary, so I made the trip to the family village in Provence. It was a warm, sunny weekend and we had a great time, but night were already damn cold. But I had forgotten my mum knows it all, and as per cooking, she has a mediterranean-based recipe for every situation (#hurrayformum). So she came up with this OMG-it's-divine recipe of pumpkin and I loved it so much I just did one for myself as soon as I came back to London. Try it, it's just SO good (#imsodoinganotheragaintonight)

Ingredients: For 1 person
1 lovely individual pumpkin
Coconut milk
Bacon / chorizo / prosciutto - for vegetarians, use a cool veggy: I did mine with aspargus!
Salt & paper

- Pre-heat your oven at 200C
- Cut the pumpkin in 2 parts at ~ 1/4 of the height (= it gives you just like a little hat)
- Curve the inside with a spoon to remove all seeds and strings.
- In a pan, lightly roast the meat you chose (no need for extra fat) or the aspargus - for extra taste.
- Place into the pumpkin, and recover by coconut milk up to the top and replace hat on top.
- Place into an oven tray and cook for about 1 hour at 200C until the skin is just roasted on the outside and the flesh is nice and soft inside

That's it !

Charlotte xxx