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Low Carb Cookies

After many attempts in the kitchen we have created the world’s first EVER low carb cookies! As with everything we bake, our Protein & Creams contain only the best ingredients and are 100% natural! But what does that actually mean? Well, first of all there’s no sweeteners (no sucralose or stevia) so, there’s no risk of any weird aftertaste. We also never use any polyols (like erythritol or maltitol) as we prefer to use sugar, just much, much less of it, as it’s a totally natural product.

They taste totally AMAZING, but that’s not surprising when you use incredible ingredients like almond butter, cacao and oats. That’s the power of plants!

Psst. our Protein n Cream cookies are 70% lower in carbs than similar biscuits - YAY! Plus, much lower than lots of other snacks, you’d be surprised - go check for yourselves 😊

Flavours available: Vanilla Cream Protein ‘n’ Cream, Salted Caramel Protein ‘n’ Cream, Chocolate Orange Protein ‘n’ Cream and Peanut Caramel Protein ‘n’ Cream